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A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

One-Stop Laundry Service

We pride ourselves on being Serving Macon with worldclass wash and fold laundry service with hometown feel.  

Residential Laundry Service

Commercial Laundry Service

Residential Laundry Service

Residential Laundry Service You can depend on

How it works?

Getting started is quick and easy.  

  1.  Gather your laundry in laundry bags/trash bags or baskets for pickup.
  2. Schedule a pickup either online or over the phone. If you are unsure of the weight just select 1 pound as a placeholder and we will weigh it.
  3. Have laundry available for pickup either outside home or ready when we arrive.
  4. Relax, knowing clean laundry will be arriving on your scheduled terms.

count on us

detergents you know

We use only quality detergents softeners.  Select your favorite brand from the list we offer We do not use “bulk” detergents from a 5 gallon bucket.  These are potentially harmful and the exact source is unknown.

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Affordable Cost, superb quality, and reliability

For $1.25 per pound, your laundry will be cleaned according to your detergent and softener preferences and bundled best according to size.  It is our goal to provide timely service that adds value to the Macon Georgia community

Commercial Laundry Service

Commercial Laundry Service that keeps macon business' moving

Fully customized

Our commercial laundry clients enjoy the idea of getting service they pay for on their terms.  Simply set up a reoccurring service date and leave the laundry to us. 

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Solution to your laundry problem

Commercial laundry deserves commercial detergents and an experienced laundry provider.  We source everything based on your needs.  Allow us to invest in your business.

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we're so good, you'd forget about laundry

At Jiffy Laundry we strive to be a part of your team that’s reliable.  Contact us and leave your laundry to us and focus on what’s important…….running your business of course.

our laundry service is convenient a reliable.

leave the laundry to us!