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You can call (478)954-0709 and place order over the phone or simply through website www.jiffylaundryservices.com. 

Place laundry in laundryin your preferred laundry bags, trash bags, or baskets.  Laundry can be left in a designated area outside your home ie front door, garage. 


We will delay orders in the case of inclement weather.  ie tornado watch in area, snow storm, or other unexpected action from mother nature.  We will resume pickup and delivery same day as inclement conditions pass. 

We get this question a lot.  Place 1 pound as a place holder and we will weigh.  If laundry is wet, we will weigh after laundering to ensure fair pricing.

We will send text asking to reschedule.  

First, reject the idea of Laundry FOMO (fear of missig out) and spend your time relaxing.  We’ve got you covered.

we clean per manufactureer’s recommndations.  If you would like us to wash an alternate method just let us know.  

We will update you through text or email prior to scheduled pickups and deliveries.  Likewise we do the same when laundry is delivered.

Check the map at the bottom of each page defining our service area or give us a call for confirmation.

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